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LNG Terminals

Cheniere is among the leading companies in North America strategically pursuing the development of LNG terminals. The Company is currently developing onshore LNG export terminals and related natural gas pipelines along the U.S. Gulf Coast. The Gulf Coast area is ideally situated for LNG facilities due to its highly liquid markets, with an abundant supply of natural gas and significant network of existing pipeline infrastructure.

The company continues to remain at the forefront of U.S. LNG terminal development and construction. Cheniere is currently constructing the first LNG export facility in North America to have been built in over 40 years.

Cheniere's terminal sites are among the best in North America because these sites have the following critical features:

  • Deep water channels and large acreage positions with proximity to open water
  • Substantial local natural gas consumption & existing industrial complexes
  • Proximity to major interstate and intrastate pipelines
  • Local governments and communities are familiar with and supportive of the
    energy industry
Cheniere’s competitive advantage is offering attractive options for global LNG buyers:
  • New source of LNG supply for the global market
  • Alternative source of LNG supply with LNG pricing tied to U.S. natural gas index
  • More flexible contract structure, including destination flexibility, ability to cancel cargo lifting with advance notice and FOB purchases of LNG (Cheniere purchases the natural gas feedstock and the customer purchases LNG at the tailgate)
  • State-of-the-art technology – LNG trains are designed using the ConocoPhillips Optimized Cascade® process


Cheniere's premier sites, its community focused approach, experienced team and anticipated low construction and operating costs offer the company sustainable competitive advantages.